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Munib Derhalli DMD, MS, MBA
Board Certified Periodontal Surgeon

CCDS American Dental Association American Academy of Periodontology Ronald Mcdonald House Charities Academy of Oseeointegration

Guided Tissue Regeneration

If gum disease proceeds unchecked, it may reach a point where it is difficult to maintain the tooth. A loose tooth may be in need of tightening to restore function and appearance. Fortunately, in many cases regenerative treatment can be used to regain some of the tooth’s support which has been lost to disease. Guided Tissue Regeneration, a technique developed in the 1980┬┤s, involves placing a biocompatible membrane under the gums to cover a defect and provide an environment in which the body can regrow its own tissue (bone). Regeneration can provide outcomes such as decreased pain and increased wellness, attractiveness, and self-confidence.

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