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Munib Derhalli DMD, MS, MBA
Board Certified Periodontal Surgeon

CCDS American Dental Association American Academy of Periodontology Ronald Mcdonald House Charities Academy of Oseeointegration

Ridge Preservation (Socket Preservation)

The tooth is removed and the remaining tooth socket is thoroughly cleaned of all inflamed and infected tissue. An appropriate bone grafting material (e.g. Cadaver) is carefully placed into the extraction socket. GBR membrane (e.g. BioGide) is often placed over the grafted material Sutures placed into the gum tissue allow proper healing of the surrounding soft tissues.

Are there different types of bone grafts & GBR membranes?

Yes. Some grafts are taken from different parts of the patient’s own body (i.e. from the hip bone or chin). Other grafts come from deceased human organ donor, from synthetic materials, and from highly purified bone mineral. Likewise, there are different types of GBR membranes. Some are made from synthetic polymers and must be removed during a second surgery several weeks or months later. Others are made from natural materials (Collagen) and are gradually resorbed (melted away) by the body.

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